Events don’t upset you. Your beliefs do.

Suppose you have to go to another city for a very important meeting. But because of traffic, you miss your flight. Do you feel angry? Hell, yeah. You worked your ass off for this meeting. And now, everything is over. Okay, same scenario, but afterwards you find out that the flight crashed and no one… Continue reading Events don’t upset you. Your beliefs do.


Two Books To Transform Your Life (GUEST POST)

Hello! This is Kiran from Pro Investivity. I am glad to share with you a guest post on this topic. I am a personal development and investment blogger. I write explicitly in various ways and proven methods for personal growth and help you with your investing journey. I consider myself determined to learn more and… Continue reading Two Books To Transform Your Life (GUEST POST)

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Hints for a Happy Living

All of us want to live a wholehearted life. And most of us believe that we'll be happy, once we get that or once we reach there. But happiness is not a destination. It's a mood. Happiness is a choice. If we change some of our habits and practice some well being techniques, we can… Continue reading Hints for a Happy Living



There’s no point complaining about things you cannot control. You just need  accept them as they are. As for the things, which you don’t like, but you can control. Don’t sit and complain. Do something about it and change it. Complaining should never be your option! Whether we realise it or not, we complain a… Continue reading Complaining


Two things we must realise about happiness| part 2

It's fascinating to see how people think happiness is a destination. They think someday they'll be happy. When they'll get that person or reach that milestone, they'll be happy. I wish they knew happiness is a mood not a destination.  It isn't about big things or moments. It's about little things. And more importantly, you… Continue reading Two things we must realise about happiness| part 2

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Judging Others

Everyone has a story to tell... You don't know their story, so you've no right to judge them. And if you do know their story, there's a reason why out of billions of people in this world, they decided to share that story with you. Respect that, understand that and never ever judge! Let's try… Continue reading Judging Others


Courage 💖

Trust me darling! Someday you'll find what you're looking for And when that day comes, I hope that you don't hold back, and have the courage to go after it, without limiting yourself 💖

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Forgive Them Even if They aren’t Sorry

Last year I watched a Ted talk about forgiveness and the person said, "Forgive them even if they aren't sorry."  And at that time I was like what the hell is she talking about. "Are you saying that I need to forgive people who aren't even sorry for what they did and who have the… Continue reading Forgive Them Even if They aren’t Sorry


Don’t be so hard on yourself!

Okay fine. You're lost right now. You're feeling stuck in the middle of nowhere.  You're confused and don’t have a slightest idea about what you're going to do with the rest of your life. And it terrifies you. It scares the hell out of you. But despite everything, you're still here. You've survived every crappy bad… Continue reading Don’t be so hard on yourself!



What do I know for sure? That if you could follow just one virtue for the rest of your life, for a happier living, then it’s GRATITUDE! Gratitude is the best. It is the easiest way to move from low energy frequency to high energy frequency. It's impossible to feel sad when you're feeling grateful.… Continue reading Gratitude