What do I know for sure? That if you could follow just one virtue for the rest of your life, for a happier living, then it’s GRATITUDE! Gratitude is the best. It is the easiest way to move from low energy frequency to high energy frequency. It's impossible to feel sad when you're feeling grateful.… Continue reading Gratitude

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Happiness Project

The one thing which I believe connects all us together is that we all are looking for the same thing and want the same thing in life. We all want love and happiness in our life. That's one thing we all have in common. No matter which part of the world we live in, what… Continue reading Happiness Project


5 Reasons Why You Should Try Your Hand At Photography

Today is World Photography Day! Hey, don't be surprised! It's actually a day. For people who know me even a little,  know how much I love photography. I love clicking pictures of anything and everything. But for me photography isn't just about clicking beautiful pictures and uploading them on Instagram or Pinterest. It's much more… Continue reading 5 Reasons Why You Should Try Your Hand At Photography

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Dhanaulti- A Hidden Gem in Himalayas

I love discovering places which have beautiful landscapes and are away from madding crowd. Dhanaulti is a small, lesser known hill station in Uttarakhand, India. If someone is looking for solitude and a beautiful place in the woods, this is a place to be. Here are some of the photos of this beautiful place from… Continue reading Dhanaulti- A Hidden Gem in Himalayas

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The Secret Law

What if I say that I have found secret to achieving anything and everything in life? And, What if I told you that I've been using that secret from past 7 years of my life to attract everything in my life (from dream colleges to attracting the  right kind of people in my life)? Here's… Continue reading The Secret Law


What does travel mean to you?

I love travel and I love photography! For me both are about the place and the people. I prefer to spend most of my money on travel and books. Because I believe they give the best return in terms of invaluable experiences and wisdom (which according to me are real wealth) . So the more money… Continue reading What does travel mean to you?


Magical World of my Disney – 1

Happiness is...binge watching Disney Movies😊 And super happiness is... finding someone who is as madly in love with Disney as you are. And I'm currently super duper excited because I have not only found Vrunda with whom I can go hours talking about Disney but also because we decided spread our Disney love on this… Continue reading Magical World of my Disney – 1


The Secret

Dear Rhonda Byrne, Happiness is... A book that changes your life. And this book of yours, surely changed mine. I cannot remember the person I was before that. Some people call me "little miss sunshine" and often say that I'm the most optimistic person they know. Some say I've helped in making them believe good… Continue reading The Secret


I’m here for YOU!

Well, this just SUCKS! I wish I had a better way to say it but I don't know what can I possibly say to reduce the pain you're feeling. No, I can never know how it exactly feels to be in your position and no, I cannot fix all your problems. But I just want… Continue reading I’m here for YOU!


Kindness Fingerprints

You might think that you don’t matter in this world but someone is  smiling more often because you told them they have a bright beautiful smile. Someone hears a song on radio and it reminds them of you. Someone is feeling noticed because you asked them about their well being and wished them 'A good… Continue reading Kindness Fingerprints